Prize Draw Winners - Valentine's Challenge

Kerri French - 19 February 2018

Recently we ran a prize draw to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Users earned a BetterTicket into the draw if they cycled for at least 30 minutes on 14th February.

We decided to draw two random winners from everyone who logged these longer cycling activities - they were Alexander and Simon from Birmingham. Congratulations to both of you, your £20 Pizza Express Vouchers are on their way. Enjoy!

Here is what our winners had to say about the news...

'This is pleasant news to receive. I love using BetterPoints. I figured that I am active so may as well benefit by using the app.  However, it has made me more active as it is easy to track my activity.  Since using BetterPoints  I have become a lot fitter and I have started cycling to work. 
I enjoy the sense of achievement seeing how many miles I have walked or cycled. This also tempts me to go out exploring local areas. The winter cycling programme has been especially motivating as it is tempting to just hibernate at this time of year.  It is great to be able to compare achievements with friends too.'  - Alexander R
Photo thanks to Alexander
Simon was our other winner and this is what he told us about using the BetterPoints app:

'The BetterPoints app motivates me to be more active and being of a competitive nature, I like to accumulate the points.  

The cycling incentive has encouraged me to use my bike more where normally in the cold winter months, I would take the easier and more warmer option. I now endeavour to take a longer lunch each day and either go out for a walk or cycle.

I only really started to use Betterpoints from last September and the local programmes really do make a difference. When the Brum Breathes incentive ended, it really did make me think “is it worth it?” but then the winter cycling challenge was introduced and the incentive was back to encourage me.

I have used the giftcards to treat myself for my efforts. I think the incentives are paramount to encourage individuals to get active. It has certainly made me more aware and more active.' - Simon S

Photo thanks to Simon
Well done to everyone taking part in the Birmingham Winter Challenge, it's always great to hear how people remain motivated to cycle during the winter months with BetterPoints, good luck with the next prize draw!